About MLD

It all started back when I got married in 2002. I wanted chair covers as I knew they made a big difference in the room decor. My mom had the bright idea of making them for me. There was just one catch – she didn’t know how to sew or even use the sewing machine. But she learned quickly. She cut and cut sheet after sheet trying to get a pattern. Then one day she got it! She always says, “God must have felt sorry for me and showed me how to do it.

Well, my wedding came out beautiful with the chair covers. It had completely changed the room. It made the room look elegant. We had always dreamed of having a business from home but never could think of what we would do. God has blessed us with this business, has helped us throughout the years and has given us the patience to sew so much.

Everyone wonders where the name Maty came from. My mom knew a lady named Natalia. Her grandkids call her Mama Naty. My mom thought it was the cutest thing and wanted a name like that for me so when I had grandkids they can call me by that name. She said I was a Matilda. So she called me Maty all growing up, Matilda was used when I was in trouble. I hated it but got used to it as everyone close to me started to pick it up. So when she made the chair covers for me, she made them for Maty. As where Maty’s Chair Covers comes from.